Tuesday May 24, 2022

No Help? How to Simplify Your Household Chores During Covid Times

Embrace good enough
The first tip to simplify household chores is shifting your mindset and learning to embrace good enough when it comes to household chores. There will likely always be some household chore you could be doing in your home. But if you try to do it all, you’ll likely be stuck with a never-ending to-do list that you’re never able to catch up on.

Instead, figure out what is good enough for you when it comes to household chores. Then aim for and accept that standard as good enough.

Keep floors clear
Along the same line, is keeping floors clear as well. Not only do clear floors make it easier to vacuum, sweep and mop, and keep up with those chores regularly. But it also gives dirt and dust fewer places to hide.

The goal I aim for is to only have furniture legs touching the floor. Everything else has a place to keep it off the floor so cleaning is faster and easier.

Keep up with chores regularly
Keeping up with and staying on top of household chores is an easy way to make sure cleaning and household chores take less time and effort. When you don’t keep up with chores regularly, it takes more time and effort to clean your house. Simply because more mess, dirt, dust, grime, etc. has had a chance to build up. And returning your space to your good enough standard will take more time and effort.

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