Tuesday May 24, 2022

Machine VS Man: Can Robotic Mops Clean To Safety Standards?

Robotic mops and vacuum cleaners are no longer a gimmick, they’re a serious part of the way we live. They’re not just for the Silicon Valley elite, they’re making an appearance in homes and offices the world over. The Viomi Robot Vacuum SE is designed with all kinds of smart features that allow it to clean your home more efficiently than ever before.

Are Robotic Mops Safe?
Unlike regular vacuums, you’re not going to see any hoses and reservoirs in the Viomi Robot Vacuum SE. This means that there is no risk of your vacuum being unplugged and unguarded while it’s cleaning your floor or room. The vacuum uses a system that has water sealed in, ensuring that the vacuum isn’t a danger to your walls or furniture. Robotic Mops are also safe to clean up with, but not completely, as the vacuum occasionally gets a little too close. Robotic Mops are safe for use with children and pets. Can Robotic Mops Clean To Safety Standards? You could argue that for cleaning rugs, the Viomi Robot Vacuum SE is safe, but for more demanding environments like walls, tables, mirrors, and glass, it won’t reach the same standards.

The Viomi Robot Vacuum SE
With a 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 chip and SLAM algorithm, this smart robot vacuum can provide real-time mapping and routing, making operation faster while delivering more powerful performance. Variable suction strength that can be controlled from the Xiaomi Mi Home app. The Japan-made Nidec brushless motor with high power and powerful performance, to thoroughly clean the room without any dead spots. The air blower upgraded the rotate speed up to 15000 r/min to improve cleaning efficiency. Cleans your entire house in one go, up to 2150sqft. Got a bigger house? No worries, with the recharge and resume function, your SE will get back to work right where it left off. South Korea’s Samsung lithium-ion battery has upgraded the battery life by 20%, which can be used for 120 minutes at a time.

How to Choose the Right Robot Mop
We can thank Viomi for the robot vacuum technology behind the SE. By building smart cleaning technologies into a vacuum cleaner, Viomi is able to make robotic vacuums more reliable and more economical. The genius of the SE is that it’s able to spot dust even when it’s not being used and returns to its dock to recharge it every 120 minutes so it doesn’t get stuck in corners and unable to travel around your home. But there are a number of factors to consider when buying a robot vacuum cleaner – the size of your home, the number of floors in it and what cleaning methods you want your vacuum to use. If you want to do your cleaning robot-free, you’ll need a dedicated robot vacuum cleaner.

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