Tuesday May 24, 2022

How To Simplify Household Chores & Spend Less Time Cleaning

Have less stuff
Beyond embracing a good enough mindset when it comes to household chores, the most impactful way to simplify cleaning and chores is by having less stuff. When you have less stuff, you not only have less stuff to clean. But you also have less stuff to clean around.
Use a cleaning schedule
A cleaning schedule is a great tool to help simplify household chores. It lets you put your cleaning tasks on autopilot. You don’t have to figure out what chores need to be done and when. Instead, you can dive in and get to work when it’s cleaning time. There are many ways to set up a cleaning schedule. Try different options until you find one that works best for you, your schedule, your lifestyle, and your preferences.
Use Viomi V3 Max
As expected of most modern-day smart gadgets, the Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum can be controlled via a smartphone. All you need to do is download the Xiaomi Mi Home app and you’re all set. It even features digital assistant integration so if you want to use your voice to command it, it will play nicely with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This lidar robot vacuum and mop can Sweep, Mop only, and Sweep-Mop. This means that when it gets going it can remove dust, dirt, water stains, crumbs, pet hair, and footprints on diversified floors. Never again do you have to come home to your home living room carpet looking like the dog or cat changed skins. Its deep-cleaning algorithm behaves pretty much as you would yourself when manually mopping your floors and it has a 97.5% cleaning coverage. Powered by an A35 quad-core processor with robust computing performance and coupled with the SLAM algorithm, the Viomi vacuum cleaner can quickly process sensor information and make sure that its path is clear for better cleaning result without accidents and without getting stuck.

How Viomi V3 Max can save time?
Viomi V3 Max can leave a dustfree and odourless floor after complete 3-cycle cleaning without a need to empty dust container, a clog hard time-saver for busy people. Besides, with 1-second quick cleaning, Viomi V3 Max can eliminate dirt and water stains left on a carpet instantly, or as much as 90% of the dirt, and gives a carpet more than 1-year lifespan. No more pain in motor adjustment. With a controllable motors in 3 mode, Viomi V3 Max has a powerful suction power that enables it to maintain a continuous suction force while keeping the dust at bay.

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