Tuesday May 24, 2022

Advantages & Disadvantages of Google Glasses

Benefits of Google Glasses

  1. The 1st and the foremost advantage of Google Glasses is definitely that it includes convenience. Users may easily send messages without using their hands.

  2. Google Cup will highlight text messages as well as emails you obtain and permit you to answer them via voice orders.

  1. Multiple options are created available which allows an individual to use either voice commands or small hands gestures for functioning this amazing device.

  2. Another main good thing about Google Glasses is normally you could capture those amazing occasions of your existence in a very easy and simple way. The training video and camera capacities that offered are hi-class.

  3. This user friendliness and freedom is among the USPs of the project.

  4. That is a neat characteristic that will come in handy when you travel overseas. You simply have to ask Google Cup to translate a expression or sentence from one language to another and it’ll speak that out.

  5. The sound creation occurs by making use of vibrations which is considered as less abrasive when compared with headphones. This is normally also known as as Bone-Induction notion. The clarity of the sound is also pretty good as compared to normal headphones or speakers.

Disadvantages of Google Glasses

  1. Google Glass can’t be utilized by those persons who currently having some concern with their eyes and wears glasses within their daily routine.

  2. You cannot work with these Google Glass while generating, as the photo, video or info will maintain front of the eye of the user, that may distract them.

  3. Google Glass can be easily broken since it is a very sensitive device, in the end it’s a glass not really a bullet proof glass.

  4. The facial skin recognition technology can be quickly misused and it might grow to be offensive for see your face.

  5. One of the main disadvantages of Google Glasses is certainly that there is potential for breach in the personal privacy of the person who is applying this product. The video and video camera could be misused and anyone can take anything without letting the other person know about it.

  6. Common glass are even not really wearable while Running, Dance or similar activities. Hence would you expect that you can wear these hypersensitive glasses.

  7. Google glasses that are of consumers issues are the price of the glasses, the monitor pad, social interactions, personal privacy and recording concerns, and more.

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