Tuesday May 24, 2022

5 Incredible Health Benefits of Eucommia Ulmoides

Eucommia Ulmoides is a member of the rubber family and is native to Eastern Asia. Its mature trees can reach 50 feet.
In traditional Asian medicine, this herb is usually used to increase yang functions in the body. The bark of this tree has been used for centuries as a decocted tea preparation for its profound effects on increasing the overall strength of the skeletal structure.
Besides, Eucommia Ulmoides can help lower blood pressure. Most Asian formulas used to lower blood pressure contain some amount of this plant. It has also been prescribed to pregnant women as it can calm the fetus and prevent miscarriage.

Health Benefits of Eucommia Ulmoides

Cardiovascular System
In Asia, Eucommia Ulmoides is a common ingredient used in traditional antihypertensive herbal prescriptions. A study in 2003 have provided the first evidence for this plant’s in vitro vasorelaxant action, confirming the pharmacological basis for its use as an antihypertensive agent. More recent work also confirmed its nontoxicity and effectiveness in reducing systolic blood pressure in spontaneous hypertensive rats.

Eucommia Ulmoides leaves are historically used as a folk remedy for treating diabetes. Flavonol glycosides with glycation inhibitory activity could be the reason for this antidiabetic action. A study has investigated whether Eucommia Ulmoides could improve hyperglycaemia in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats and found that it significantly lowered blood glucose levels.

Bone Health
Eucommia Ulmoides can also be used in the control of osteoporosis. Its extract could initiate osteoblast, enhance osteogenesis, decrease osteoclast, so it could help prevent osteolysis.

Neuroprotective Effects
Studies have shown that Eucommia Ulmoides has acetylcholinesterase inhibition properties in vitro and neuroprotective effects against beta-amyloid proteins. It also inhibits 30–70% of cytotoxicity and efficacy of oxidative biomarkers. This plant showed higher protection against memory dysfunctions with intracerebral injection of beta-amyloid proteins in rats.

Antioxidant Effects
In vivo and in vitro studies have found strong antioxidant properties of Eucommia Ulmoides, which can reduce the level of free radicals and improve the disease condition caused by oxidative stress.

Eucommia Ulmoides Extract
Chenland EuBone™ is a specially formulated botanical blend with three traditional Chinese herbs: Eucommia Ulmoides, Drynaria Fortunei, and Cuscuta Chinensis. Its development of this Eucommia Ulmoides extract was based on 2,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine history. The company has hand-selected ingredients from its Authentic Medicinal Cultivation Areas with full traceability from Seed to Extract. Eucommia Ulmoides is the main ingredient found in EuBone™. The In Vivo rat studies show that it can significantly increase the bone density of bilaterally ovariectomized rats whilst simultaneously relieving joint pain in arthritic rats.

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