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Google Glass Finally Marks The Enterprise

Google Glass product finally finds a make use of case in the enterprise

Understand the situation first, then invent the technology – unless you’re Google and the technology is its Google Glass device. Also: KRACK assault, AlphaGo Zero, IoT reliability strategies increasing.

At the recent Business Wearable Technology Summit in Boston, Mass., speaker after speaker emphasized a very important factor most importantly: Technology can be for naught in the event that you aren’t solving a specific business problem.

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Google Glass Help Freight Company

Wearable smart glasses help freight company think outside the box

Wearables get new footing in industries that need to keep hands free. One company explains how Intel’s Recon Jet Pro smart spectacles have improved its efficiency.

Time is money, and time wasted is money shed. So, when productivity stalled in a freight-forwarding company’s warehouse, it turned to wearable smart glasses.

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Google Glass Innovative Uses In Education

Google Glass is normally finding its approach into nearly every industry, with applications in healthcare, construction, video games, tourism, and police. Gartner believes that smartglasses helps you to save the field provider industry $1 billion per year. One domain that’s specifically ripe for Google Glass innovation is normally education. I spoke with Brian A. Rellinger, CIO Ohio Wesleyan University about the ways Glass can be utilised on campus. The OWU Facts Services Section purchased Google Cup in March, 2014 and started brainstorming about methods to utilize it with a cross section of campus groups. Since Cup is a fresh technology, the ideas continue steadily to multiply as persons gain hands-on experience. Even so, the faculty, personnel, and pupils at OWU developed a diverse set of initial ideas.

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How Google Glass Evolve

Google Announces ‘Project Glass’

April 4, 2012: Here is the day everything begins. Google creates a Project Glass profile on Google+ and shares its primary public post that commences with this mission assertion:

  • We think technology should do the job: to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.
  • The Cup team says it wants to ‘wake up a conversation’ and get public input about what Glass ought to be. Google likewise shares the now-distinguished ‘one day’ video, an early conceptual search at ;that [Glass] might allow you to accomplish’.
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How Viable is Google's Glasses Project

Google Glasses Transformation Tech Industry’s Perspective

Geordi La Forge. Vegeta. For the longest period, high-tech eyewear possesses been the domain of science fiction stalwarts and Saiyans. With Google’s unveiling of a brilliant sleek group of eyeglasses, however, the continuing future of geeky eyewear only got a bit closer. Referred to officially as Google’s ‘Project Cup’, the lightweight device marries the functions of a smartphone to a set of, well, glasses - featuring an interactive heads-up screen for users.

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