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Advantages & Disadvantages of Google Glasses

Benefits of Google Glasses

  1. The 1st and the foremost advantage of Google Glasses is definitely that it includes convenience. Users may easily send messages without using their hands.

  2. Google Cup will highlight text messages as well as emails you obtain and permit you to answer them via voice orders.

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Everything You Need To Know About Google Glass

I’m sure right now, almost all of us have heard about the potential Google Cup possesses. In the video recording you visit a few people going through everyday routines while others wear it for more extreme things like skydiving.

On their head, may be the wearable gadget that provides you the first-person’s view of the knowledge, made possible by you guessed it, Google Glass.

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Google Glass Impact and Discontinue

Google halts revenue of Google Glass

Google to discontinue its wise glasses, Google Glass, found in setback for US technology company.

Google has halted product sales of its much-hyped Google Cup headset in a major U-convert for the technology business.

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Google Glass Finally Marks The Enterprise

Google Glass product finally finds a make use of case in the enterprise

Understand the situation first, then invent the technology – unless you’re Google and the technology is its Google Glass device. Also: KRACK assault, AlphaGo Zero, IoT reliability strategies increasing.

At the recent Business Wearable Technology Summit in Boston, Mass., speaker after speaker emphasized a very important factor most importantly: Technology can be for naught in the event that you aren’t solving a specific business problem.

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Google Glass Help Freight Company

Wearable smart glasses help freight company think outside the box

Wearables get new footing in industries that need to keep hands free. One company explains how Intel’s Recon Jet Pro smart spectacles have improved its efficiency.

Time is money, and time wasted is money shed. So, when productivity stalled in a freight-forwarding company’s warehouse, it turned to wearable smart glasses.

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