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Why You Should Do Business in China and the Benefits of Sourcing

China has radically changed its economy, from a predominantly agricultural one that was closed to international trade to a market with dynamic ban ...
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5 Incredible Health Benefits of Eucommia Ulmoides

Eucommia Ulmoides is a member of the rubber family and is native to Eastern Asia. Its mature trees can reach 50 feet.In traditional Asian medicine ...
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Insight into the AGV Used in the Maritime Industry

AGV was at the beginning introduced to permit faster delivery of merchandise and products found in warehouses and manufacturing systems. The prima ...
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The Difference Between a Robot and a Guided Vehicle

It’s simple to look in both an AGV robot and a collaborative robot as an AMR and only view them mainly because robotic vehicles approach items fro ...
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What we learned about Automated Guided Vehicles in This Year

Automatic guided vehicles (AGV) are robots that follow wires or markers or uses lasers, magnets, or vision for navigation. Generally, AGVs happen ...
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